Wanderlust Tahoe 2014: Prakriti 101

The Sanctuary Wanderlust Festival, 1960 Squaw Valley Road, , Olympic Valley,, CA, United States

Prakriti 101: Discovering your essential inner nature

Earth, Fire, Air and Water. According to Ayurveda, the elemental building blocks of nature also exist within us. In this interactive workshop, discover your individual Prakriti through a contemporary understanding of the doshas (or Ayurvedic mind-body types) and examine how these elements and energies impact our individual health, wellbeing and yoga practice as well as the larger, collective social fabric. Expect to leave with indispensable tips to maximize your health, wellbeing and happiness.

LOVE WAVE: A Blissology Yoga.Ecology.Surf Retreat with Insiya + Eoin Finn

Tierra De Milagros Osa , Costa Rica

   Embrace the wild beauty of the ocean and jungle in February 2016 for Love Wave - a retreat with a Valentine’s week twist with global yoga teachers Eoin Finn & Insiya Rasiwala-Finn. Join Eoin Finn and I for our annual Blissology Yoga. Ecology. Surf retreat for 2016 at the jungle hide-out of Tierra de...


Urban Ayurveda: Finding Purpose, Presence and Health Today

The Lookout Wanderlust Festival, 1960 Squaw Valley Road, , olympic Valley,, CA, United States

We live in a world of 24/7 stimulation. The impact of our current pace of living has resulted in disconnect, stress and chronic health imbalances. How can we stay healthy, grounded, present and not burn out? What is true freedom and how can we experience it? Join Insiya for an exciting conversation grounded in the...

Vital Radiance: Yoga for Inner Shine

The Highest Place Wanderlust Tahoe, Squaw Valley, CA, United States

Open up to the vital intuitive awareness of your body wisdom through an alignment based approach to yoga asana and catalyze an awakening of the spirit and heart. We will play with deep core work, twists and heart openers in a juicy, energizing flow infusing our practice with insights from Ayurveda to tune into and...